Why my pant tight?

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So, that gif of Marco twerking was so funny to make that I made the rest of the 104th trainee squad too. I regret nothing.

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(カプコン「ストリートファイター」小冊子カタログ/CAPCOM “Street Fighter” Bookletから)

■CAPCOM “Street Fighter” (Arcade) Booklet

It is here if you want to see and a lot of goods,

a larger image and more!http://retrogamegoods.com/

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Jun 23 '13

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)
“Tonari no Totoro” (original title)

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Jun 22 '13


Roadshow by Hubert Blanz

Roadshow is a series of images formed and built up from the digital recordings of pre-existing freeways networks, roads, bridges, and intersections. The images are both documentations of actual built spaces and the imaginary re-creation of potential new cities. 

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Jun 22 '13
First try.  Thxxx @anthemprinting #drgn

First try. Thxxx @anthemprinting #drgn

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Jun 17 '13
cruel world

cruel world

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